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Working Barn Fire - Federalsburg Md

On 4-12-2015 the Federalsburg Fire Department along with Denton and Bridgeville Fire Companies were alerted for a barn fire at 5797 Noble Rd east of Federalsburg Maryland. While crews were en route they were advised that the barn was used to house horses. The property owner tried to help several horses escape that blaze. When fire crews arrived they found a 100x200ft barn fully involved with several horses still trapped inside. Due to the size of building and amount of fire command requested a 2nd alarm be alerted bringing fire crews from Seaford, Preston and Greenwood to the scene. Due to a partial building collapse crews had to perform an exterior attack. Crews worked for nearly an hour to bring the fire under control with several more hours for overhaul. Unfortunately several horses perished in the fire. One person was treated on scene for smoke inhalation. The Caroline Co Fire Marshals Office is investigating the cause of the fire.

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Garage Fire - Laurel De.

On March the 19th the Laurel Fire/EMS was busy answering calls starting with a brush fire. While units were clearing that and a medical assist we were again alerted for a 3rd alarm in our district. Dispatched advised of a structure fire in town on west 7th street. This box assignment brought 74 (Delmar) and 14 (Sharptown) to the scene. E 81-4 with Deputy Chief Sheridan cleared the medical assist and responded and arrived first to find a detached garage with heavy smoke showing. E-4 laid in at the hydrant and made their attack. E/T 81-5 arrives and picks up the hydrant and crew assists with fire suppression. Tower 81 and E/T 74-2 arrive and manpower performs ventilation. E-1404 and Rescue 74 arrive and crew assists with additional ventilation and overhaul. Firefighters made quick work of the fire and incident was placed under control in approx. 15 minutes with units working. The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time. Despite the efforts of firefighters the garage sustained heavy fire and smoke damage. Laurel units would respond to 2 additional fires before the day was over. Deputy Chief Sheridan had command of the incident.

Units responding; E 81-4, E/T 81-5, E 81-2, Tower 81, A-81, E/T 74-2, Rescue 74, E 1404, E 71-9 (Blades) for stand-by in Laurel.

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Garage Fire w/ Animal Rescue - Seaford De

On Wednesday, February 25 , 2015; 0759 hours Seaford Center received a call from a citizen passing by for a structure on Fire at 26535 Lonesome Road in West Seaford area. Seaford Fire (87), along with Blades (71), Bridgeville (72), and Sussex Paramedics were dispatched. Command 87 ( Capt. Tyler Wood) arrived and had smoke showing from detached 1 story 2 car garage. Engine 87-2 arrived and placed an attack line in service for fire control. E87-5 assisted with interior crews and water supply. Rescue 87 crew opened up doors with power saws. 72 and 71 crews assisted upon arrival. E87-2 rescued a dog in the rear and was rushed to Seaford Animal Hospital by Rescue 87. 1 Firefighter Transported to Nanticoke with non life threatening injuries. Under Investigation by Delaware State Fire Marshals.

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Recent Photo Gallery
Fire Hits Iconic Harrington, DE Hotel and Bar

At 13:48 hours the box was struck for 4 Mechanic St, Harrington, DE for the working fire at Stone's Hotel and Bar. Command 50 went on scene within a minute and advised of a 3 story commercial/residential with smoke showing. To be continued....

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Building Fire - Ocean City Md.

Fire overtook the building so fast that maintenance man Marvin Johnson had to kick in his tenants' doors, ushering them to safety, because knocking wasn't going to be quick enough.

So fast that Dave Kroon could feel the flames on his neck as he rushed down the stairs with his eight-months pregnant girlfriend.

So fast that, before she knew it, Paulette McCargo was scooting out a window onto the roof wearing only socks and skimpy pajamas. She said all her belongings were lost to the blaze.

"I'm wearing everybody else's clothes but my own," she said, wrapped in an ambulance blanket and a borrowed hoodie, waiting on a Red Cross disaster relief crew to arrive at City Hall. "I got nothing. Everybody here lost everything. Everything is gone."

Twenty people from 14 families lost their homes as a result of the apartment fire that broke out on a frigid Tuesday morning. Three people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, including two firefighters. Another person was treated and released at the scene. Firefighters also rescued two people who were trapped in the building.

Story from Delmarvanow.com
Photo by Ocean City photographer Chris Parypa / www.chrisparypa.com

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Recent Photo Gallery
House Fire - Federalsburg Md.

On 2-4-2015 the Caroline Co Emergency 911 Center alerted Sta.100 Federalsburg for a house fire on Houston Branch Rd east of town. Command (Chief 115 J Holland) arrived to find heavy fire from side A of a single story home. Due to possible structure collapse, fire crews went to a defensive operation upon arrival. Once the bulk of the fire was knocked down crews were able to enter the structure and perform extensive overhaul. Crews worked on scene for nearly 2 hours during the alarm. The home was a total loss. Federalsburg was assisted on scene by Preston, Bridgeville, Hurlock, Seaford and Eldorado-Brookview fire companies.

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Accident w/ Rescue - Laurel Del.

On Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 The Laurel Fire Department was alerted for a serious MVC with entrapment on Laurel Road East of Hitch Pond Road. 81 Command responded with Assistant Chief Brett Morris and arrived on scene to find two vehicles that had collided head-on. Ambulance 81 and Sussex County Medic 102 arrived shortly after and began patient care. Engine 81-2, under the direction of Assistant Chief Robbie Givens arrived and began stabilizing the Dodge Caravan for extrication. Tower 81 responded with Deputy Chief Sheridan and their crew was advised to assist with extrication. The operator of the van was transported by Laurel EMS by ground to PRMC while the operator of the car was flown by LifeNet 2 to Christiana. Laurel Road was closed for approximately one hour while extrication was performed and vehicles were removed. Ambulances from Blades and Gumboro Fire Companies were also requested to assist at the scene.

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